15 of dezembro of 2020



First of all we would like to thank you immensely for the presence and trust of everyone on our server, which grows without stopping! This is certainly the summary of all the work and dedication of the community in general, and we are very proud to know that communities around the world are playing on our server. You are the best !

Let's celebrate Christmas!
At this event we strive to deliver the best possible for you, a Juno different from what everyone expects and is used to! In this event, the main focus was based on the feedback of the suggestions sent in our support base, all of them were analyzed, and some are already beginning to be put into practice. As this is a special event, our goal is to match the level differences between the characters so that everyone can participate in the healthiest way possible within the game environment and everyone has a chance to have fun completing the event's objectives.

Shall we break the ice?
The story takes place in Iris, and our biggest mission is to free Juno's monsters from the cold, as we saw, the winter was tougher than normal, so Foxes, Deer, Yets and other animals need to be freed from the ice , and when we talk about ice, it's extremely resistant, prepare your weapons!

Daily Quests
The daily quests are in the NPC Christmas STORE, along with the Christmas store, you must collect the Christmas ornaments from monsters and decorating our tree, when decorating the tree, the number of ornaments will be reverted in Coins to buy NPC items and the missions will guarantee several prizes, enjoy!

Daily Quests Rewards

- Christmas Pink Candy Cane
- Christmas Cake
- Christmas Stars
- Lucky Smelting Stone

- Christmas Pink Candy Cane
- Christmas Cake
- Christmas Stars
- Heaven Stone

- Christmas Pink Candy Cane
- Christmas Cake
- Christmas Stars
- Elizabeth Goddes

The Christmas Tree
As the tradition of the event, when it has enough ornaments the tree will drop several gifts and everyone will be alerted on your screen with 5 minutes left for the gifts, you can get as many gifts as you want but to open the gifts you must first perform the first part of the "Merry Christmas" mission, you also receive the "Gift on the way" buff to receive a random gift as soon as the count ends, remember that you must be in a location outside the city to receive the gift when the count ends!

Patchlog 1.2

- Improvement in our connection system
Now our server has a new network of connections with a 3x stronger signal capacity, so we hope to minimize the problems that some players have with connection routes.

- New bag system
In patch 1.1, we implemented the multi bag system, increasing the storage capacity of the characters by +150 spaces, so we will remove the NPC Storer from the game until 12/29, you will have until this date to remove your items and guard them in new bags or other characters, keys 3,4,5 and 6 are available at NPC Bia Baggins, we also hope to solve the connection problem of some players who sometimes have problems with the Warehouse.

- Pk Mode
It will now be possible to activate the PK mode only on players with a maximum of 4 levels of difference, it is no longer possible for a player 50 to kill novice players.

- New Server Time
Now the game obeys the UTC time and no longer GMT-3, the server time continues to be shown in the chat every 30 min, remember that the lottery systems on Sundays, reset raid, wars and cash spend also change.

- BOSS notifications
We received many suggestions about the BOSS system and decided to leave it in the original way, so the players who find BOSS have the reward they deserve for the feat and will no longer be attacked by others who, in addition to killing BOSS, often also kill players. This can also influence the trade in locations when someone unable to kill BOSS, can sell their location or share with their guild or friends.

- New Elite monster system
Together with the Christmas BUFF drop, we decided to greatly improve the way of acquiring the Bags, now all the Elites above level 40 have been multiplied and will be able to drop the Bags of Akan and Elite Coins on any map, in addition to considerably improving the Exp of these monsters, everyone will have the opportunity to get their Bags.

- New Akan
The problem caused by the limit of RAIDS created during the week, due to some players being in and out, has now been solved! We removed the Exp and the Bag drops from the Akan monsters, now only the Akan BOSS remains with the equipment drops, so we hope that the weekly RAIDS limit will be sufficient as there will be no more reason to be entering and leaving the RAID without to complete.

- Lottery points
Cash packages no longer add extra points to weekly lottery

- New promotion items and packages added
[C2] Costumes Snowman [HP / MP 100, Critical 10% each part]
[C2] Costumes Christmas [HP / MP 100, Exp 10% each part]
Reindeer Pet Skin
Christmas Cookie
Christmas Packs 10% off

After all, we would like to wish everyone a great Christmas Event!

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