01 of abril of 2022

EASTER EVENT 2022 and PATCHLOG 2022/04/01

PATCHLOG 2022/04/01

1- EASTER EVENT [2022/04/1 ~2022/04/17]

- Be equipped with a bunny ears.
- On the Map of the event Monsters were going to drop Chocolate.
- You can exchange the chocolates for colored eggs with the Bunny.
- Eliminate other players to summon a Surprise Egg.
- Bunny buys his items and pays more for them.
- When hunting monsters you can find a Curious Bunny, who can drop special items.
- When hunting monsters you may encounter a timid Bunny who needs to be caught fast or he can get away.
- New Easter Map Available starting at Level 16.
- Damage dealt to monsters on the event map will be 1, so players of all levels can participate in the event.

- Added:
- Titan Colored Bunny ears
- Knight Colored Bunny ears
- Healer Colored Bunny ears
- Mage Colored Bunny ears
- Rogue Colored Bunny ears
- Sorcerer Colored Bunny ears

- Fixed Sieges Damage Bug.
- Fixed Lottery Ranking reset.


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