19 of janeiro of 2021

NEW Systems UPDATE and Patch 1.7

NEW Systems UPDATE and Patch 1.7

Patch 1.7

1-New Ranking System:
-PvP Points are now called PvX Points.
-PvX points will be used for the new general ranking.
-The Ranking will be reset every Sunday at 23:59 UTC, STAY ON LINE!
-In the reset of the ranking the Top 3 of the ranking receive a reward:

Ranking PvX Top 1 Title
Ranking PvX Top 2 Title
Ranking PvX Top 3 Title

1.1-How to get PvX?
-Duel 1x1 = 2 Points.
-Royal Rumble Kill = 2 Points.
-Royal Rumble Participation = 2 Points.
-Royal Rumble Winner = 100 Points.
-MCS DCS Kill = 2 Points.
-Player Lv.60+ Kill Mobs level higher than yours = 1 Points.

2-Determination System
-New Merchant Determination Shop near the Animal Trainer.
-To buy at this merchant you need Determination Coin.

2.2-How to get Determination Coin?
-Lv.10 + players every 10 minutes online receive 2 Determination Coin.
-Lv.10 + players in Merchant Mode every 10 minutes online receive 5 Determination Coin. (ATENTION!!! Characters with fake, hidden stores or with prices 999999999 can be blocked, remember that this is to help players and also the game exchange, if the rule is not met, we will remove the system !!!)

3-General Changes
-Limit of 4 Levels between players for PK removed.
-Updated O-X rewards.
-Jewel of EXP,SP,Deadly,Lottery Updated.

4-Sorcerer - Adjusted specialist
-Now you can use two elemental blessings at the same time.
-Water Elemental's Blessing + Earth Elemental's Blessing.
-Fire Elemental's Blessing + Wind Elemental's Blessing.

5-Item Mall

Lucky Smelting Stone
Extreme Stone
Small Crit Potion
Item Drop Booster
Jewel of EXP
Platinum Blessed Iris
Platinum Blessed Iris 7d

Have a great game!

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