03 of fevereiro of 2021

Egeha UPDATE and Patch 1.9

Egeha UPDATE and Patch 1.9

1-Egeha map released at level 60+.
We had a major update aimed at new systems such as PVX and Determination, in addition to the recent level increase, so we decided to meet a request from players who have been asking for content that does not involve "leveling grind", so counting on our developers who had this mission during patch 1.9, we are launching this UPDATE with the best for the server, reaching the standard of equipment that everyone has been asking for and improving and adding even more PvP resources to the game.

- Egeha map can be used from level 60 onwards
- Map of Egeha can drop equipment 73+
- Standard options for equipment (Yellow, Green, Blue)
- There are no legendary 73+
- Scalable options depending on the Points and the Weekly PvP Ranking. (Weapons = Green + & Armors only Blue)
- To use Egeha Equipment, use the Premium Character

2-Added New PvP Ranking.
- The Ranking is reset weekly, every Sunday together with the lottery, your equipment can evolve during this period, and you can add points to the scoreboard in Wars, In the duels managed by the system, in Royal Rumble and in the NEW DARK vs LIGHT.
- The panel is available in the Player Menu (T)

3-New Starter Pack for new characters.

4-New battle Light vs Dark daily at 22H (Server Time)
- The Battle DARK vs LIGHT happens EVERY DAY, it has a unique registration and balancing system, where the system will draw and balance teams whenever possible based on the subscribers, once you are properly registered, you can enter the map and participate of war.
- You need to check your inventory before entering, you will need at least 6 free slots to enter the War.
- You need to eliminate the monsters on the opposite side of you, deliver the jewels and mainly kill the enemy players
- When killing an enemy player, your team gains 1 point and the opponent loses 1 point
- The goal is to win the score when the War is over
- The winning team receives several prizes such as: Buffs and Titles ...

5-Added Premium Character.

6-Calendar of Events for February.

7-Cash Spend with Changed Prizes.

8-Cash Shop
-New C2 Light/Dark Added to Item Mall.
-Added Premium Character Package 1, 7, 30 Days.

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