17 of fevereiro of 2021

Pets UPDATE and Patch 1.10

Pets UPDATE and Patch 1.10

1-Exp penalty on monsters above 6 level difference increased to 15 levels for characters below level 50 and 20 levels for players above 50.
-Exp of Egeha's Elite monsters Balanced due to this latest change in Exp.penalty.

2-Added Pets Season 2.
-Pets season 2 can pick up items and use buffs on their owner.
-Pets Season 2 commands has been reworked and works as close as possible to Pets Season 1.
-Pets Season 2 cannot attack or be attacked.
-Pets Season 2 accumulate Exp.
-Pets Season 2 have different rarity Tiers and special options.
-Pets Season 2 can be evolved.
-Pet Merchant Polly Added to Juno.
-Pets Season 2 can only be traded with exp. accumulated in 0
-24 Pets Season 2 are currently available.
-Evolving a Pets Season 2 it will lose its level and Tier.

2.1-How to Get a Pets season 2.
1-Determination Shop(Unique Quest)

2-Determination Shop:
:Polar Bear Cub
:Elephant Chang Thai

3-Horse Transformation Card Box:
:Lizard Ruv Baby
:Lizard Kai Baby
:Elephant Chang Thai

4-Item Mall
:Polar Bear Cub
:Jaguar Cub
:Baby Panda
:Lizard Linko Baby

:Battle Eagle
:Panthera onca
:Battle Panda
:Lizard Lingko
:Lizard Battle Lingko
:Lizard Ruv
:Lizard Battle Ruv
:Lizard Kai
:Lizard Battle Kai

3.Premium Character Package New Passive.
-NEW! premium character has the duration of buffs received doubled in addition does not lose buffs and potions upon dying

4-Egeha map now can enter at level 50+.
5-PvP Ranking now computes points on all maps.

6-Determination System Updates
-Now when passing the Level the Player receives Determinations Coins with quantity based on the level of the player.
-Now when your Pet passes the Level the Player receives Determinations Coins with an amount based on the Pet's level.
-Now when passing the Level, every 5 levels the Player receives (Lv.60 Cash Ticket (50)) with amount based on the level of the player.
-Determination Shop reduced prices for some items.
-Determination Shop new items added.

7-BATTLE Light vs Dark
-Increased HP and MP regeneration on Respawn bases.
-Fixes in the map where players get bugged without being able to attack or be attacked.
-Rogue C2 duration fixed.
-The Power of Creation Winner's Buff now counts its duration with the offline player
-The Winner will be announced to everyone and added to the logchat.

8-73 weapons now can come with G6 adds.

9-Added quickslot4.

10-general Changes.
-Cool Down Cap for type items (Equipment / Weapons / Titles / Accs / Pets) maximum 30%.
-Cool Down Cap for buff / potions 80%.
-Removed Unrestricted Exp Limitation and Christmas Cookie items due to a bug.
-Update on the scalable stamps of items 73+
-Leveling quest from level 50 ~ 60 and 65 ~ 70 removed.

11-Calendar Events.
-Event O-X has been removed from Sundays and can now be done at any time as surprise events.

12-Cash Shop
Added Polar Bear Cub Spell
Added Jaguar Cub Spell
Added Baby Panda Spell
Added Lizard Linko Baby Spell
Added Bless(Pets Season 2 Skill Book)
Added Curse(Pets Season 2 Skill Book)
Added EXP Pet Cool-Time Remover.

Have a Great Game
LC South Team

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