03 of março of 2021

News and Patch 1.12

News and Patch 1.12

1-NEW! World Invasion Event
-The Event is held at the gates of Juno Randol, players must kill the monsters and the Boss to receive rewards and complete the New Event Quests.
-When starting the events, all players are informed and a box to accept the teleport to the event appears. And also whenever the player logs in or re-logs while the event is Active.
-The event starts 3 times a day at the following times: 12:00 / 18:00 / 23:00 UTC Server Time.
-Event duration is 30 minutes.
-4 New Event Quests have been added to the NPC Determination Shop.
-Players who damage the boss receive a special reward when they die. The amount depends on the damage done in the fight.

2-NEW!Event Calendar
-For this month we will have a new system of random events in phase [Beta].
-Every day a new random event will start at 00:00 Hours until 23:59.
-Events can repeat the previous day's event.
-Whenever an Event starts or ends all players are informed, and also whenever the player logs in or re-logs and every 30 minutes.
-Follows the list with the 11 Random Events:
-Drop Miscellaneous Items from monsters #1
-Drop Miscellaneous Items from monsters #2
-Drop Miscellaneous Items from monsters #3
-Drop Miscellaneous Items from monsters #4

3-Combination Box.
-It is now possible to combine Boss accessories with verifiable options. But the 3 accessories must be verifiable.
-Example cannot be 2 verifiable accessories and 1 MC accessory.

4-Glove seals and seals -10.
-Some new options for B6 Gloves have been added.
-The Stamp Sets -10 and -3 Levels were replaced by other.

5-Dark x Light Balance Changes
-Now only Lv.70 players can participate.
-Players can only register 1 character for the battle.
-Now both sides receive the "Power of Creation" Buff at the end of the battle.
-The Buff "Power of Creation" will now be removed before Dark x Light Battle and in Castle Sieges.
-Now the winning side also receives Determination Coins as a reward.
-Now to receive the rewards and the Buff "Power of Creation" the player must remain on the Dark x Light Battle Map until the end.
-It can happen that players do not receive the rewards for dying several times and or dying at the end of the battle.
-Fixed HP Regeneration on the Light respawn base.

6-Reverting changes made to Lvl Cap 50
-Now it is no longer possible to remove debuffs of Level 6 or higher since there is now equipment with Ant-Stun / Stone Etc. options.

7-Premium Character Package
-Now allows you to use the TAB to select the target of nearby monsters.

8-Teleports while in PvP
-The "Close" button in the windowed mode game has been disabled.
-New button to close the game has been added to the system menu.
-Close the game, go to the character selection, login screen, mount teleport, Premium Teleport, Party Recall, among others ... They can no longer be performed while in PvP, Sieges and Battles.

9-Cash Shop - Item Mall
-Added Survival Box:contains several items to aid in survival and combat.
-Added Cash Ticket(1000):to help trading involving Cash Use add +1000 Cash.(the purchase of this item does not apply to the Spend Cash Rewards system)a fee of 10% of the value was added to this package.
-Added [Limited]P2 Pack Enjoy !!!
-Added [Limited]P2 Pack || Enjoy !!!

Have a Great Game
LC South Team

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