15 of março of 2021

News and Patch 1.13

News and Patch 1.13

1-NEW! Scrap Rare Items
-Weapons, Armors, Wings and Pets Blue, Purple and Orange and with 5 or 6 Seals can be ruined to receive a memory that will be used in Craft Quest in Egeha.

2-Combination Box.
-when combining 3 acc "secret properties" , you have a 40% chance of receiving 1 to 3 memories to use in Craft quests in Egeha.

3-NEW! Daily,Boss and Craft Quests

-When using a Heaven Stone, Rune of Protection, Golden magnifying glass you will receive an item Used for Craft in Egeha and Quests of Diaries.

5-Upgrade Warn
-When attempting to upgrade without a Rune of Protection, you will receive a warning to avoid accidentally ruining items

6-World Invasion Event
-Jumping Devil: Healing Skill has been reduced from 30% HP to 6%

7-NEW! Premium Move to Monsters
-You can now teleport to the selected monster using the Map NPC Scroll.

8-NEW! Boss Erebus in Temple of Forgetfulness
-New Erebus PvE Weapon and Set
-New Erebus Title.
-New Blue and Red Wings as an Erebus reward.

9-NEW! Wings

10-Lottery System
-Remake in Rewards for the Lottery System

11-Determination Shop
-Added Gold Booster
-Added Damage Booster

12- -10 Reduced Level Requirement Options in Weapon Changed to Hit Rate

13-Cash Shop - Item Mall
-Added Gold Booster
-Added Damage Booster
-Added [C1]Wing of Honor Box
-Added [C1]Wing of Judgement Box
-Added [C1]Wing of Revenge Box
-Added [C1]Wing of Greed Box
-Adjusted Item Drop Booster x50 > x100
-Adjusted Survival Box x2 > x5


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